So, If you are games lover and want to broadcast the world over internet, You must need good quality accessories which will help you to go online within minutes with better appearance. Gadgets always makes our work easy and so,  

Today, we have handpicked a new gadget in this series. i.e. Pro-Sound C200. In various ways, Pro Sound C200 microphone is going to be beneficial for game lovers.


With USB universal supportable audio jack, Pro Sound C200 microphone is unique and best in class. Its widely acceptable jack helps user to use this microphone at multiple locations and devices.

BigPassport Pro-Sound_C200_USB

Omnidirectional Mic:

Best in design, BigPassport Pro Sound C200 mic is omnidirectional which make it compatible to record sound from all direction without adding any surrounding sound. Users get irritated with lots of noise coming from environment and for that pro-sound C200 is best what we have tested.

Long Wire:

Never fed-up with short wire or loss of connectivity during podcasting, Big passport Pro Sound C200 microphone has covered this issue properly which means that its 1.5 m long wire is big solution for us. Now, Roam or Walk while on broadcasting without any compromise of connectivity issue.

Flexible Adjustment:

BigPassport Pro Sound C200 comes with flexible adjustment which means that it is easy to move right-left or in any direction without any issue. Flexible adjustment helps user to adjust Mic as per their need.


We use Mic at multiple places and occasion in our life but usually we use microphone to give speeches. If you remember in 19th century and in early 20th century, microphone has lots of noise due to which, peoples are not much clear over loudspeaker. Thanks to latest technology, Big passport Pro Sound C200 microphone is fully equipped with latest technology. Its noise reduction and omnidirectional mic make it useable at multiple places like online classes, online gaming or broadcasting etc.


Big passport Pro-Sound C200 headset is built of high-quality plastic material resulting in long lasting tenure of microphone. It is light weight and portable


Just peace of mind with BigPassport Pro Sound C200 headset as it has 6-month warranty and satisfactory post sales support.

Where to buy:

This microphone can be easily purchased from BigPassport official website.

Techo-Trust team has made a deep research while analyzing this product and finally we are ready to mark it on a scale of 5/5 because of its widest usability, also widely acceptance and low price as compared in market, so if you are looking for any such product, go blindly on BigPassport Pro Sound C200 microphone.

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