Pandemic lockdown has forced people to work from home whether they are corporate people or students, every one need electronics gadgets to make their work efficient. Apart from various accessories, USB headphone is one of them.

When we say headphones and that too for professional use, we must ensure that it contains all the necessary features that would make the meetings or online classed more convenient and productive. It is also very crucial because we need to understand that our job is totally dependent on these headphones.

Next question is what makes a good pair of headphones for office meetings or online classes?

During the last decade, there has been considerable advancement in the field of headphones.  Advanced features like USB headphone connectivity and noise cancellation have been a boom for users. These features enable the users with crisp communication and manage their requests most proficiently. Features like wireless connectivity and USB headphone with mic allows people the flexibility to handle customer’s calls and queries more professionally and confidently.

BigPassport Pro Tech 440 Headphone has made my work more easy and convenient and i like its easy to control features. 

Comfort Fits:

Off course there are lots of headphone in the market but not all fits on our scale. Best professional USB headphone offers good audio quality along with comfy fits. As people use headphone for 7-8 hours a days for various purpose like office meetings or online classes, to watch movies or to hear melodious songs and hence it could result into heat & sweat on the ear.

What a user expects from best in class headset is that it should be long lasting useable, must have space for air passes and in the meantime, it must have noise cancellation features and not too much heavy on the head.

luckily as we have now BigPassport Pro-tech 440 headphone which is light weight, comfy fits & compatible with noise reduction facility.

Light Weight: BigPassport headphone is around 100 gram in weight, which makes it ultra-light weight over the head comparing to other professional meeting purpose headphone in the market.

Noise reduction: BigPassport USB headphone’s ear cushions is designed in a way to comfort fit on ears. Its soft cushions give an immense pleasure after wearing it and you will not feel that you are using it for hours. Due to comfort fits, it reduces surround sound by 95% while in use.

In hand controls: While being in meeting or taking online classed needs deep concentration and hence no one want to distract while in the middle just to hear what family says or to pick a call. BigPassport USB headphone comes with in hand controls to play/Pause audio or mic. Its LED indicator gives clear signal about current scenario of headphone status.

The best headphones today come in various professional models to fancy looks. If you are looking for professional headphones, there are many brands and makes that come with a variety of features. Make sure you choose the ones that best suit your needs and pocket. Always remember that a headphone is not just a piece of equipment. So, selecting one, you must choose the one that is useful, durable, comfortable, looks good, and is also versatile at the same time.


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