Worried about your home security?

Now be worry-free with D3D CCTV Camera.


This camera comes with an amazing brand packaging. When you open the package, you’ll find instructions for connecting it to your smartphone or tablet. You’ll also get warranty cards and a user manual with information on the camera.

Inside the box, you get your brand-new camera, AC adapter and cable, mounting accessories, and your setup manuals.

D3D CCTV Camera with Home Security Alarm System. This 20mp camera records high definition videos in 1080p resolution with very clear and detailed picture quality.

The camera’s motor-head configuration allows it to rotate horizontally and vertically, giving it a 360-degree field of view.


The camera supports video up to 1080p
  • Stunning video quality with auto video enhance feature for crisp & clear image.
  • It also helps you to watch pre-recorded videos on your smartphone as well as your tablet.
  • It comes with a micro SD card slot to store all your videos and images too.
Night Vision:

Built-in 850nm infrared light works in tandem with the smart image sensor to automatically move the video display between day and night mode based on the lighting conditions.

Up to 35 feet apart, it provides a high-quality night view.

8x Digital Zoom:

8x Digital Zoom helps you to magnify images without distorting them. With a 340° horizontal and 120° vertical rotation radius, the 360° defence is complete without any blind angles.


The world’s first smart home surveillance Wi-Fi IP CCTV camera with a complete system of Artificial intelligence including Alexa, Face Detection, Voice Detection, and Smart Tracking.

Works with Alexa:
  • Alexa Echo Show is supported by this unit. The Alexa Echo system, which is equipped with Smart Artificial Intelligence, can be used to monitor your camera.
  • Use voice commands to control the D3D Camera, making it simple to use.
  • If you’re  missing your family, simply ask Alexa to show you a live view from a D3D CCTV camera with a sound command.
Face Detection:

Face recognition technology with Advanced Artificial Intelligence is available in D3D. The Camera detects the human face using the Deep Neural Network (DNN) algorithm and sends real-time alerts to the user’s cell phone application.

Sound Detection:

Built-in microphone trigger pushes alarm warning on a mobile application in real-time with D3D advanced creative sound detection feature. If the baby wakes up crying in another room in the middle of the night, it sends an immediate warning.

Smart Auto Tracking:
  • D3D Advanced Artificial Intelligence allows the camera to monitor a person’s movement in real-time and rotates automatically to capture the moving person or object.
  • Any movement is recorded on an SD card.
  • Even though the camera is not rotated manually, there is no blind spot.


Smart Home Automation:
  • D3D is a three-dimensional object. For smart home automation, a unique feature allows you to connect additional sensors to the camera.
  • Convert your IP camera into a surveillance device by adding additional sensors such as door/window or motion sensors.
  • The user will receive an immediate warning on their mobile phone if someone opens the door or window.
Motion Detection Sensors:
  • It comes with an inbuilt PIR sensor, D3D camera that will detect any motion and send alerts to mobile phones.
  • Additional sensors can also be installed on door/window/walls to monitor any motion.
  • Perfect spy & hidden CCTV Camera system for the home.


  • Advanced 360-degree pan, tilt, and zoom control through a mobile app or a PC. Even with a slow internet connection, smart H.264 video encoding ensures smooth HD streaming.
  • A built-in siren on the D3D Security camera can be enabled through a mobile app. You may use the camera’s loud siren to warn family members or threaten robbers if you see any unusual activity at home.
  • It includes a door sensor for easy monitoring, as stated earlier.


It has a two-way audio system. With an inbuilt microphone and speaker, you can receive and transmit audio through the camera when doing live video chat with family and visitors. Noise reduction and echo cancellation with a 360-degree omnidirectional special chip. The sound effect is crisp and simple.


  • With the smart P2P feature, you can install the camera in just three stages. Install the app, link to Wi-Fi, and set up the camera.
  • The comprehensive instructions for setting up the camera with your app are easy to follow and can be found in the included manual.
  • Simple DIY technology allows for simple home installation without the need for a paid installation service.
  • Depending on your needs, the camera may be mounted upright, inverted, or on a wall.
Easy Setup

Perfect CCTV security camera system for home with Wi-Fi solution. Simply put the camera on a table or use the mounting bracket supplied with the camera to install on the wall or ceiling. Stylish design to match with every home interior.


  • The camera can be used by several users at the same time.
  • All users are protected by a password.


A one-month free cloud storage period is also included, as well as a two-year standard brand warranty.

On a cloud server, you can store live footage. Even if the camera is stolen or destroyed, the recordings are secured. Images and videos can also be saved on a hard drive or an SD card. Supports a cloud box with up to 4TB of additional capacity.

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