Hi friends! Today we have BigPassport Web Camera with us and we are going to unbox it.

Remote home working & Kids online classes are very important these days, and having an effective yet simple Web camera is very helpful.

If we look at the packing…it seems to be very strong and gives an exclusive brand presence. The front of the box shows ‘Full HD 1080P’ resolution & BigPassport Brand logo. Now, the first question that comes to our mind when we plan to buy a web camera is that traditional web camera give 720P low resolution image & video quality. But with BigPassport 1080P web camera you get stunning ultra HD video quality.

Looking at right side of box we can see the main features and functions of the product.

With simple USB plug and play function, it is very simple to install and use this web camera.

Bigpassport web camera has inbuilt microphone. So there is no need to attach additional microphone with your computer. You can simply talk through bigpassport web camera.

Next icon shows that web camera is fully compatible with any window or ios computer or laptop.

Now looking at left side of box, it shows that BigPassport webcam is compatible with all major calling softwares like Skype or Zoom calls. So attend office online meeting in full HD quality or lets your kind join the online classes with comfortable and clear HD video.

As you go ahead and open the box, we can see that camera is securely packed in strong transparent blister, which gives a reliable brand look and also protect the camera.

You will also get a quick start guide along with a user manual. There is no need to install any other software or plugin. Apart from this, there is a warranty card, to register the product for warranty. And again if you still face any issues during installation, there are India-based customer support phone numbers, whats app & email id. So you can talk to them in your preferred language.

Now looking at installation of BigPassport camera, this is a simple plug and play camera. Simply attach the camera with computer USB port and the webcam is ready to use. There is no need to install any additional software or plugin to use Bigpassport web camera. With inbuilt rotation clip, use can easily install the BigPassport webcamera on PC or computer screen. With 360 degree rotational clip you can easily change the camera direction.

Now coming back to the Camera, it records and broadcast high definition videos at 1080p resolution with very clear and detailed picture quality. As you can see each details clearly on my screen.

Overall this is a high-end & branded web camera with ultra HD 1080p video quality and hassle-free installation. The price is also very reasonable as compared to similar brands available in market. Also been as an Indian brand and support and service centre in India, you can rest assured of after sales service and warranty.

So in my honest opinion, I would highly recommend BigPassport web camera if you are working from home and need to join online meetings or give presentation to your clients ultra HD video quality.  Thanks for watching trusted & honest technical reviews from Techo Trust and I wish you all stay safe and healthy.


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