Online gaming world is reaching a new milestone each day through dozens of online streaming platform like Youtube, Facebook or skype but one need to have right equipment to stream online. So, Natural factor is choosing a best webcam for streaming online can make or break your online presence.

Si, If you are planning to create an online streaming channel and to show world your talent, You must buy a new trendy webcam with better picture quality along with image adjustment & autofocus.

Today in our bucket, we have Big Passport Pro-Live N2 Webcam and we will understand how much beneficial is BP Pro Tech N2 Webcam to stream online.

BigPassport Pro Live N2

Picture Quality:

BigPassport Pro-Live N2 webcam comes with 1080P 2.0 MP high definition camera which delivers clear HD image even in dark. So, whether it is day or night, or while you are on skype, youtube or facebook, always experience clear HD image.

USB Connectivity:

Ok, As we have experienced true HD picture quality, lets discuss about its connectivity. unlike other webcam, BigPassport Pro-Live N2 webcam has USB connectivity which make its portable, easy to use & widely acceptable.

LED Touch Light:

Suddenly caught in dark and facing blackish image, Do not worry, BigPassport Pro-Live N2 Webcam is all made for you. Just you need to tap at top of webcam and you are all done. 3 level of touch brightness controls deliver additional lighting exposure for ultra HD video streaming in dim light which reduce particles and bring details in the dark environment also.

Auto Focus: 

Fixing lens in webcam to receive clear blur free image is always an hustle for users, finally at BigPassport Pro-Live headphone, we donot need to suffer much to fix focus as it is equipped with an Auto focus facility. So Simply, plug in USB Webcam and you are on.

Omni Directional Mic: 

It always irritating to carry lots of accessories and it need multiple USB slots. BigPassport USB Pro-Live webcam has in-built omnidirectional mic which captures clear, crystal audio and reduces surrounding noise. It immediately filters out background noise which always helps in clear sound while streaming online.


BigPassport webcam is has 6 month product warranty so it is always peace of mind. Never regret to have shopping experience with BigPassport Pro-Live N2 Webcam.

So Conclusion is if you are always streaming online on Youtube, Facebook or Skype and want to build a better online presence, just buy BigPassport Pro-Live N2 Webcam from BigPassport official Website.


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