Additional work adds additional costs and price premiums per product. Then, other additional supply-demand factors affect the overall cost. Silver prices quoted here at SD Bullion are always in US dollars. Even if you’re investing in silver in another country, the spot price will be in US dollars and then converted into your local currency. The US dollar is the international standard for gold, silver, and other precious metals, and it allows standardization across all nations.

You either buy it at that price, or dealers will simply look to someone else who is willing to purchase at the ask price. A bullion buyer years before the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, James Anderson is a grounded precious metals researcher, content creator, and physical investment grade bullion professional. He has authored several Gold & Silver Guides and has been featured on the History Channel, Zero Hedge, Gold-Eagle, Silver Seek, Value Walk and many more. You can pick up Jame’s most recent, comprehensive 200+ Page book here at SD Bullion.

As with the spot price of gold, the spot price of silver is relatively the same around the world, even though it trades in many separate exchanges valued in various other fiat currencies. They regularly write enormous contracts, for the acquisition or disposal of gold, that are never intended to be exercised. As explained above, these contracts are either “longs” (offers to buy) or “shorts” (offers to sell). At the end of the day, hardly any physical gold actually changes hands, yet the trading of these paper contracts can have a profound influence on gold’s spot price. COMEX transactions involve the buying and selling of futures contracts.

The calculation is the price of gold divided by the price of silver. This ratio is tracked historically to see when silver may be relatively inexpensive relative to silver, and vice versa. APMEX offers several tools to help investors stay up to date with the current Silver spot price and the latest updates on their investments. There are many different options when it comes to investing in silver. If you’re looking for the lowest price of silver per gram, your best option is to go with silver bullion bars. Our interactive silver price chart above allows you to view prices for a wide range of periods and custom date ranges.

  1. That has changed, and today, silver is an ideal investment option.
  2. Investors will usually buy silver bullion priced as close to the spot price as possible.
  3. The silver market is global, so there are always trades being made on exchanges around the world.
  4. When the silver rate rises beyond what you paid (including the dealer markup), you can then sell for a profit.

Jim Wyckoff has spent over 25 years involved with the stock, financial and commodity markets. He was a financial journalist with the FWN newswire service for many years, including stints as a reporter on the rough-and-tumble commodity futures trading floors in Chicago and New York. As a journalist, he has covered every futures market traded in the U.S., at one time or another.

From where does the silver spot price come? Who sets the silver prices today?

Knowing the current silver spot price should help ensure that you’re able to make savvy decisions with your investing, whether you are holding, selling, or buying silver bullion for the long run. If you are an individual who wants to sell silver, you are still a “price taker,” and so you will typically be able to sell your silver at close to the market “bid” price. Dealers are “bidding” on the silver available for purchase in the market, hence the term “bid” price. Again, as an individual, you typically have no power to negotiate a different price. You either sell at that price, or dealers will simply look to someone else who is willing to sell silver to them at the bid price.

In addition, taking delivery of metal from the Comex is a complicated procedure. Thus nearly all of the trading on the exchange results from major financial institutions making speculative moves or hedges, using large contracts as the vehicle. The spot price of silver may be only one factor to determine the value of a silver coin. Silver coins can have value not only for their silver content but also for any collectability or scarcity that they may have. While regular silver bullion coins will usually be not too far from the current spot price, a collector’s numismatic silver coin may sell for the spot price many times over. The spot price of silver reflects the current value for one troy ounce of .999 fine silver.


In the US, the COMEX is the primary exchange that sets the price, which fluctuates throughout the trading day. This is the price that filters down to the retail level and is quoted to you when you go to buy from a dealer, depending on nordfx review what buyers and sellers are doing. Most economists will agree a lower gold to silver ratio is ahead, but the market can be tough to predict. High ratios typically indicate a bullish gold market and bearish or stagnant silver market.

The reason that the price of silver coins is higher than the price of silver per ounce is due to the additional quality, artistry, and effort that goes into minting coins. That gets reflected in the relative price of each silver product. There’s also the chance that some coins will have historical value. Once a government stops minting coins, their value rises over time.

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Both the bid and the ask premiums for the pre-1965 coins are significantly higher than in 2010 – the last time silver traded below $20/oz (USD). This dynamic is compounded by short supply when it comes to bullion products such as junk silver dating pre-1965 U.S. silver dimes, quarters, and half dollars. When investors check the NASDAQ live feed in the morning or go online to visit a website to find out the current value of silver, the spot
price is what matters. This refers to the unit price silver can be exchanged and delivered right now.

Our physical silver bullion prices are updated continuously to reflect the current rate of silver on the market, as well as our dealer premium. The value of your bullion holding is easily calculated by multiplying the number of ounces you have by the spot price. Thus you will pay more than spot if you are buying and will receive less than spot if selling — with small, local dealers generally charging the highest premiums.

Why Do I Have to Pay a Premium for Silver Coins?

Thus, futures trading has a significant effect on silver prices today. These products come with a substantial collectible premium over the spot price. Items such as old numismatic coins and graded coins fall under this category. And demand for physical silver is setting records – the opposite of what is happening in the markets for
paper silver. Dealers are bidding aggressively for physical inventory, putting upward pressure on premiums.

The industry standard for this type of contract is purchasing 5,000 ounces of silver. The issue is that you pay for your silver at the time of purchase, not the delivery. If the delivery is several months down the road, there’s a chance that the price of silver may drop. The seller of the silver would make a very nice profit, as they do not have to source the metal until it is time to deliver.

What are the fundamental reasons for investing in Silver?

The primary benefit of tracking live silver prices is that it provides you with a baseline on the cost of your silver investment. We use industry-leading technology to ensure that our live silver prices are always up to the second, to empower our customers in their investing needs. The fluctuating spot price of silver gets mostly set by COMEX headquartered in New York and gets based on the amount of highest traded near-term silver futures contracts.


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